Stabilimento balneare sulla Spiaggia di Maria Pia ad Alghero
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Stabilimento balneare ad Alghero

Sport and Wellness on the Beach, in Alghero

Wellness on the beach

The Rosanna Bathing Beach offers various activities related to wellness and fitness.


Practising yoga outdoors allows you to feel the embrace of nature, to listen to the rhythm of the sea and the breath of the Earth, and unite with it. At the Rosanna Bathing Beach, we have the great gift of being able to practise it by the sea and benefit from the greater purity of the air in the early morning, where the quality of the Prana (vital energy that pervades everything) is infinitely better than that of an enclosed space.

For lessons, you need to bring a yoga mat, a beach towel, a small towel, a bottle of water, and wear comfortable clothing (preferably in white cotton) to be able to move freely.

Classes are open to all levels, even those who have never practised yoga.

Instructor: Chiara (Padma-Guru): president of Association A.s.d Yoga Armonia, has been teaching since 2016 with 126 hours on Ancient Yoga, gong and harmonic instruments player, currently engaged in a training course recognized by Coni.

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